Products -  Ostriches

Local & Export 

We here at Garland Farming Stocks Cc offers ostrich breeding, production, wholesale and retail sales to export and local markets.

Various Breeds 

We have birds of various ages and can supply other farms with stock both locally and internationally. Breeds include African Black, Australian Black, Zimbabwe Blue and Kenyan Red neck ostrich.

Our farm produce includes premium quality meat, eggs and feather goods. The farms are export accredited and all stock processed in export plants.

Ostrich Feed

Ostriches generally eat plant, grass, fruits, flowers, tree leaves and grains. They also eat insects occasionally. We usually feed themĀ  poultry feed. Our well balanced and nutritious ostrich feed list is shown below.

During breeding period, the feed formula will be the same, but add 2.8 % extra calcium in their feed. Also provide them green leafy vegetables and grass, with pelleted feed and Add some extra trace elements.