Products -  Cattle

Breeds Supplied 

We can supply various types of Cattle (Brahman,  Angus,  Simmental, Beefmaster,Afrikaner cattle, Bonsmara, Droughtmaster, Hereford, Nguni, Brangus, etc) to whatever specifications and numbers you require including classing for age, weight and sex.

Natural Pastures 

Due to South Africa’s size, geographic location, diverse climatic conditions and natural environment, a range of different cattle breeds are efficiently raised on predominantly natural pastures.

South Africa presently has a cattle population of approximately 13 million head consisting of different breeds that excel in Tropical, Sub-tropical and temperate climates. Therefore a range of different breeds can be supplied from South Africa that will best suit and adapt to various environments.

We can efficiently source, quarantine and conduct all necessary health testing requirements to satisfy the importing country’s regulations and deliver these breeding cattle to you in accordance to your specifications.

Specifications for Cattle Export

Supply Quantity:

As higher value breeding cattle can be delivered by either air or sea freight the number supplied can be discussed based on specification and availability


Bulls and Heifers

Weight Range:

Minimum 200kg – Maximum 700kg (subject to gaining Government approval)


A delivered USD per head price can be quoted upon finalisation of numbers and specification.

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